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Important deadlines

Speaker responsibilities

Speaker resource center

Summit session themes



     Presenter types

     Session types


important deadlines


Mark your calendar


Feb 27: Agenda published on redhat.com/summit

Mar 15: Confirm your session description, title, and biography in the Speaker resource center

Mar 15:  Release forms due

Apr 19: Upload final presentation slide decks in Speaker resource center, including PDF

May 2-4: Red Hat Summit in Boston



Speaker responsibilities


Know what you'RE SIGNED UP FOR

In order for your session to be as successful as possible, we ask that you:

  • Update your session information as soon as possible. The sooner your session is on our website, the more attendees will see it and add it to their schedules.
  • Be available to lead or participate in the designated talk during the week of May 2-4, 2017. (This includes authorization for travel, etc.)
  • Communicate with event staff and/or co-presenters about your session.
    • As a lead presenter, you're expected to be the driver of the content and flow for your session. 
    • As a co-presenter, you're expected to contribute content and/or provide feedback to the lead presenter for your session.
  • Upload your presentation in source and PDF formats before the conference begins.
    • Source files (ODP, html, PPT, etc) will be on laptops in each room (if uploaded by April 19).
    • PDFs will be made available to attendees after the event.



Speaker resource center (SRC)

Information and preparation





As a presenter, you already have an account in the speaker resource center (SRC).


Log in to the speaker resource center (SRC) with the username you created during registration in the exhibitor resource center (ERC).


Speaker resource center (SRC)

Information and preparation




  • Home: General and session information
  • Session tasks: Specific to each session
  • Participant tasks: To be completed by each speaker
  • Presentations: Upload your final presentation files


Speaker resource center (SRC)

Information and preparation




Home: General and session information

Session details and schedule information (after Feb 27) can be found here.

Speaker resource center (SRC)

Information and preparation




Session tasks: Specific to each session

Only one person needs to do this, usually the lead presenter. 

Speaker resource center (SRC)

Information and preparation




Sponsor session details:

These are all of the details that will help attendees find your session.  

Speaker resource center (SRC)

Information and preparation




Participant tasks: To be completed by each speaker

You may have more or fewer tasks depending on your role.

Speaker resource center (SRC)

Information and preparation




Presentations: File uploads

Only one person needs to do this, usually the lead presenter.

Summit session THEMES

To help attendees navigate the agenda, we've tagged breakout sessions with one or more themes.

  • App delivery: PaaS, containers, DevOps, and more
  • Application development: Just for developers, with a focus on tools, technologies, best practices, and methodologies
  • App platforms: Modern applications development and deployment
  • Big data: Storing, processing, and analyzing large amounts of data
  • Business automation: Automating business and technology workflows to streamline and increase efficiency
  • Community: The people and projects happening upstream
  • Cloud & hybrid IT: Implementation, security, and management of public and private clouds
  • Containers: Development and management for a containerized infrastructure
  • Culture, diversity, and inclusion: All about the people that make open source great
  • DevOps: Techniques, tools, and best practices for successful DevOps
  • Implementation: In-depth sessions covering performance and system administration
  • Integration: Connecting systems and data seamlessly
  • IT strategy: The people, processes, and technologies crucial to long-term business objectives
  • Management: Tools and technology for managing clouds, platforms, and applications
  • Infrastructure: Linux platforms, virtualization, containers, and more
  • Internet of Things: All you need to know about the devices and the data
  • Mobile: Developing and securing for enterprise mobility
  • OpenStack: Everything related to, well, OpenStack
    Security: Compliance, identity, and risk mitigation in and beyond the datacenter
  • Storage: Software-defined storage and how it fits into your infrastructure

FaqS (and answers!)

General session information


My session details are different from what I submitted. What happened?

After February 22, we'll be reviewing all abstracts for clarity, grammar, and consistency. We will not be making greater content changes. You can review the current version of your abstract under "Session tasks" in the SRC. If you have additional edits after Feb 22, email presenters@redhat.com.

Where can I update my speaker information? The published content is no longer accurate.

You can update your contact info and bio under "Participant tasks" in the SRC.

How long is my session? What is the format?

Breakout sessions are 45 minutes.

Can I add more co-speakers to my session?

If they are necessary for your session and within the limits based on your session type, yes. Email us and we'll work with you to get them added. Co-presenters pay the discounted price of $500.


FaqS (and answers!)

session preparation

What slide template should I use?

Templates are available under Speaker tasks and here. You will need to request access; please allow one business day to gain access, though this will usually be much quicker.

Why do I have to submit my slides so early? Can't I make my slides on the plane?

We'd rather you didn't! Upload your slides by April 19 (via the Presentations tab of the SRC) so we can upload the materials to the laptops in the room. This way, we don't have to worry about forgotten laptops, lost USB drives, or spotty WiFi.

I have a live demo or video. What's the internet situation?

There will be conference WiFi. If your session relies on a demo, we strongly recommend you have a back-up plan—a pre-recorded demo.

What if I have last-minute changes to my presentation?

After April 19, we can't guarantee your most up-to-date presentation will be uploaded onto the laptop in the room. Please bring your slides on a USB drive or your own laptop.

Do I have a main Red Hat content contact?

Please contact smuer@redhat.com (for exhibitor/sponsor information) and/or presenters@redhat.com (for speaking/session information).

FaqS (and answers!)

On-site in boston

Do I need to register for the conference?

YES! All presenters must register. You will register through the Exhibitor resource  center (ERC) with your special code.

Are my hotel accommodations or flights paid for?

No, Red Hat Summit does not cover the hotel or travel costs for breakout speakers.

What is the attire for speakers?

Wear whatever you look best and feel most comfortable in, but somewhere around business casual.

Do I need to check in somewhere as a speaker?

A speaker ready room will be in the venue and will include A/V to practice on and refreshments. Please check in here when you arrive.

Where will my session be held?

All breakout sessions will be held on the first floor of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC). Exact room information can be found in the content catalog.

May I distribute additional handouts during my session?

Yes, but you'll be responsible for bringing any such materials.

FaqS (and answers!)


Will I find out how well my session was rated?

Yes! Encourage attendees to rate your session via the mobile app. We will share how to see session ratings shortly after the conference.

How can I share my presentations with attendees or those who missed it?

If you uploaded your slides in PDF format by April 28, they'll be available in the session portal when the conference ends. Your session will have a "Download docs" link beside it.








Participant types


Lead Presenter (1 per slide presentation, 2 per lab)

The lead presenter is the primary expert on the session's subject, and this person will do most of the talking.

Co-presenter (up to 2 per slide presentation or 3 per lab)

Co-presenters support the presenter and add their own unique experiences or ideas to the session.

Moderator (1 per paneL)

Panel moderators lead a conversation among panelists, with whom they have  have discussed the session beforehand.

Panelist (up to 5 per panel)

Panelists are customers, partners, project participants, or the like, each with a unique voice on the topic.

Session types



Participants: 1 lead presenter, up to 2 co-presenters
A 45-minute stage presentation with slides, videos, and/or demonstrations. Limit to a specific topic, which can range from high-level to customer or partner stories to detailed business or technical. Plan to leave 10 minutes at end for audience questions. The lead presenter should be an expert on the topic, with up to 2 co-presenters to support or add unique experiences or insights.


Participants: 1 moderator, up to 5 panelists
A moderated 45-minute discussion between panelists with shared experience or expertise. The moderator, generally a Red Hat expert or industry analyst, has communicated the topic with the panelists beforehand, and all should have a general idea of the conversation’s direction. Panelists are customers, partners, project participants, or the like, each with a unique voice on the topic. Slides should be limited to one deck, and should only include introductions of the participants and illustrations of specific ideas discussed. Plan to leave 10 minutes for audience questions.

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Red Hat Summit sponsor presenter guide

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