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bringing open source best practice into the organisation

creating and collaborating around red hat openshift

Increasing interest from organisations who want to not just use products from Red Hat, such as OpenShift, but to also use processes and adapt organisations to use it effectively


A way of working

Red Hat is not only developing and distributing the best products (based on open source), but its doing also it using the  some great processes, techniques and tooling. Organisations now also want to extract some of the Red Hat DNA to help them improve efficiency and tackle the development of cloud-based workloads. 

Three Levels of offering

  1. enablement

  2. lab

  3. development

Three Levels of offering

  1. enablement

Initial workshops outlining Red Hat recommended steps and processes for working with OpenShift, based on a prescriptive approach on a single workload for OpenShift. 

Extension of existing 5 + 15 (Architect + Consulting) OSEv3 SureStart  (from Trevor Quinn, with SSO)


10 day Architect time to include:

  1. application development tool chain
  2. review of existing process and maturity evaluation
  3. integration of sample workflow into OpenShift and organisation systems
  4. knowledge sharing sessions on tools, SEMAT Essence, Agile (User Stories), Scrum-ban



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