Delivery excellence

RED HAT consulting

growing consulting and increasing standards

Patrick baroux and malcolm herbert


Continue to be the source for consulting resource for Red Hat products

Meet the expectation for making emerging technologies as part of solutions

Have a viable workflow

  1. stability : low turn over
  2. motivated : engaged resources achieved 120%+ of expectations
  3. highly skilled : go to awareness and knowledge
  4. cultural : different way of working
  5. high value : stay as product related, specialists as well as strategic
  6. customer satisfaction : ensuring successful projects
  7. product adoption
  8. documentation and governance  : 


To meet all (or most) of the following KPIs

  1. right people available for projects within a reasonable time
    1. ...and that Sales knows that Consulting has this cability
  2. enablement to support emerging technology delivery
  3. talent identification : recruitment and development
  4. talent retention : promotion
  5. support on how to be a consultant
    1. upsell
    2. project awareness and management
    3. process
  6. documented process
  7. infrastructure to support consultants 



  1. People

  2. TOOLS


A way of working

Red Hat Consulting has always been about supporting emerging technology but it is increasing helping organisation become like Red Hat.  Having the right people, managed in the right way is more important than ever. 


  1. consultants

  2. architects

  3. RSM, sdm and tsm

  4. PM Ops

  5. Resource Management and Enablement



Currently 15% of Consulting (based ~200 headcount) are not billable. Not sure how this compares with the business before and whether this can be decreased or whether it will increase.


  1. Internal

    1. PT
    2. SFDC (Sales)
    3. RT
    4. Oracle (PA, Compass etc)
    5. Skillsbase
    6. SFDC (CE&E)
  2. External

    1. Agile, Scoping and Delivery
    2. SEMAT Essence (increasing...)
    3. CD / CI




  1. Timesheets and Timecard

  2. Training and Enablement

    1. Mentoring
    2. Rotating Consultants
    3. New Hires / Retraining
  3. CoPs  / Practices

    1. Similar but Practice focus purely on delivery
  4. Customer Sat Survey

  5. Proposal Desk

    1. Langauge and demand
  6. Utilisation Measurement



Continued excellence ?

  1. Loss of small company feel ?

    1. Good for opportunities and career development
    2. Bad as managers take over from leaders
  2. Off-shoring / Near-shoring
  3. Partners
    1. SI's, we can work with strong sales team who have weak delivery teams, especially on emerging tech
    2. Local partners, focus on strong technical skills
  4. Practice
    1. Specialist too close to keyboard, with strategists (designers) not technical enough ?
  5. Selling the Secret Sauce
    1. Red Hat Consulting unique, most successful open source consulting org ?
    2. working 'digitally native' appealing to many
    3. RHOIP

Big questions

  1. Management or leadership

    1. SDM Management
    2. Practice Leadership
  2. Sense of Purpose

  3. KPIs

    1. Metrics and Measurement
    2. Closer Definition
  4. Resource v People Management

  5. Innovation and Distruption

Big questions  II

  1. Individual v organisation

    1. Culturally people want to know what to do, but not told how to do it
    2. Light touch management
  2. Regional v Geo v Global

    1. Practice model 
    2. Global synergy


  1. consulting role

    1. Region Generalist v EMEA Specialist. Advice and guidance to Managers for FY17 complass
    2. Consultant Choice, between regional or practice assignment
    3. Work Life Balance
    4. Enablement, career development (Skillsbase)
  2. Metrics and KPIs

    1. Automated metrics used to build top-level KPIs
    2. Including, utilisation, CSat, Margin, Staff Turnover, Recruitment lead times resourcing lead times, partner utilisation, Skillsbase, CoP members, posts and commits
  3. Governance and process reuse

    1. SEMAT Essence  with SEMAT Exists application
    2. PMO Global / Risk Management
    3. Risk Management
  4. Leadership and Management

HOW and when

  1. consulting rolE 

    1. Q1 : Compass, Consulting Practices Messaging (membership),
    2. Q2: Promotion board, WLB
    3. Q2 : Learning Paths
  2. Metrics and KPI

    1. Q2 : Dedicated resource to review and gather metrics. 
    2. Q1 : Setting Top Down KPIs 
  3. Governance and process reusE

    1. Q1 : SEMAT Exist completed; Q2 Enablement and lauch
    2. Q2 : PMO  information and launch
    3. Q3 :  PM Office 
  4. Leadership and ManagemenT

    1. Q2 : SDM face-to-face leadership meeting. Workshop / training.  


Patrick, Malcolm

2-3 month Architect / Developer with PM Ops

Malcolm, DevTeam

Emek, TC

Patrick, Malcolm, People Tea

Delivery Excellent in Consulting

By Malcolm Herbert

Delivery Excellent in Consulting

EMEA Solution Outline

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