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malcolm herbert

Director, Emerging Technology EMEA



Focus on organisational and process changes in an organisation, rather than pure technology driven projects. Focus areas would include:


  1. organisation and cultural changes (for DevOps, open source adoption)
  2. design and development frameworks (Agile, SEMAT Essence etc)
  3. best practice for architecture and design



Stimulating new ways of working and being aware and able to adopt the latest techniques and tools


  1. bottom up innovation (getting round the issue where the 'CIO is the last to know'
  2. staff hiring, retention and development; good developers are now the key resource in an organisation
  3. getting good ideas adopted quickly and easily



Red Hat has unique experience and knowledge about the process of developing open source software and also how organisations need to develop to support them. Increasingly Red Hat is being asked to guide and consult on how to do things rather than what to use. 


  1. Open Source : only Red Hat can help organisations move from pure consumption to collaboration and creation of open source. More organisations are looking to do this as they mature. 
  2. Digitally Native : tradition SI's and software vendors don't have the open organisation and understanding of designing and building open source software
  3. Adaptive and Innovative : How we work is as important as what we produce and is something of interest to customers 
  4. organisations that develop a culture around the way the work can attract and retain staff more easily. Giving people autonomy, responsibility and the framework in which they can work has significant benefits. 

Benefits from Red Hat

  1. Red Hat DNA. To have a team to tackle organisation and process change in an organisation, based on 'the Red Hat way'
  2. Strategic. to run strategic projects at key accounts
  3. Above Emerging Tech. To support initiatives around DevOps and Open Source Enablement, that potentially drive large scale product adoption
  4. Independence. As the leading open source software vendor, we have no interest in outsourcing or long-term services engagements. We are keen to ensure that any organisation is self-sufficient and owns their own strategy

Typical Engagements

  1. DevOps : development work to help design and build an organisation for DevOps. Based on previous work with CTO Office structure, Communities of Practice etc
  2. Open Source : governance and enablement for maturing organisations moving to collaborate and consume
  3. SEMAT Essence: work with customers on using using SEMAT on open source projects and build practices. Proven framework to help organisations understand and develop process above Agile and tools to build and operate software.
  4. Strategy Reviews : review of current cloud or development strategy, with respect organisation, cultural and technology selection.


  1. Forsakringskassan : 2014-current. DevOps assessment and design requirements for OpenPlatform. Move to an open source approach organisation. 'Refugee' project being developed on these lines.
  2. Belastingdienst : 2015-current. Review of Open Source policy and future use with the organisation
  3. Santander : 2013- current. Open Source policy and best practice, following on from initial Discovery Session and alongside large number of significant projects
  4. Met Office : 2016 : DevOps transformation including organisational and process changes, as well as PaaS architecture

ET Practice




and Innovation


  1. New, small practice alongside existing Cloud and Applications Practice.
  2. 5 dedicated Architects focusing on organisational and process change
  3. Thought leadership, articles and regular meet-ups

Current Offerings


  1. Discover: Non-billable
    1. ​1-3 day sessions on Strategy Reviews, Open Source Maturity, Communities of Practice, Introduction to SEMAT Essence, DevOps maturity.
  2. Design: Billable :
    1. ​Open Source Policy and Guidance.
    2. DevOps organisation, process and culture
    3. SEMAT Essence. Building practices along with training and development
  3. ​Other :
    1. ​Range of bespoke engagements
    2. Dedicated architects for long term advice / guidance

Innovation and Transformation

By Malcolm Herbert

Innovation and Transformation

Red Hat Consulting assisting with Organisational and Process Change

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