Barbora Bühnová - Czechitas

Fedora project - Jiří Eischmann

Radka Janeková - Keynote

Iryna Shcherbina - Python in Fedora

Opportunities in Red Hat - Tereza Tichá

Diversity & Inclusion - Sabina Tumpachová

C# in Fedora - Radka Janeková


Barbora Bühnová

Assoc. prof. at Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics (FI MU.) She enjoys breaking stereotypes, especially when it comes to girls in tech, which is why she is in the management of the Czechitas non-profit organization.

Jiří Eischmann

Desktop engineering manager in Red Hat, is a Fedora ambassador and packager and GNOME Foundation member.

Radka Janeková

.NET & OpenShift Engineer in Red Hat, inspiring the desolate whitespace of Linux world with the delicate C# letters of simplified artificial intelligence.

Iryna Shcherbina

Associate Software Engineer working in the Python Maintenance team, doing all the Python related things in Fedora and RHEL.

Tereza Tichá

Driving the internship program in Brno focusing on young talents and their development. In the meantime she works on a miracle when trying to convert herself to a (at least a bit) technical person.

Sabina Tumpachová

People Enthusiast who happily recruits for EMEA Consulting team and has strong passion for Diversity and Inclusion. Her background in sociology and gender studies helps her to connect theory with real company life.