Beaker Roadmap

NEC TRF - Westford

Beaker 25

  • Provision arbitrary anaconda trees
  • Provisioning images using Anaconda liveimg command

released: 9th March 2018

Beaker 26

  • Restraint to become the default test harness for RHEL8 / Fedora 29 and greater

Estimated Release: End of Nov 2018

Beaker 27

Image based provisioning in OpenStack

Scheduler Performance

  • Amount of recipes submitted to Red Hat's Beaker has tripled over the past two years
  • Scheduling performance problems encountered with MySQL 5.1
  • Red Hat's Beaker moved to MariaDB 10.2
  • Support for MySQL 5.1 continues


Beaker Roadmap (Short)

By Roman Joost

Beaker Roadmap (Short)

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