Beaker Roadmap

Product Vision

Beaker is a full stack software and hardware integration testing system, with the ability to manage a globally distributed network of test labs.

Non Goals

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service

  • Asset management

  • Non-Hardware-Specific Testing (e.g. Jenkins)

  • Hardware Monitoring

Beaker 21

Simplified Hardware Scanning

(More accurate Hardware information using lshw)

Work In Progress

Usability Improvements for the job Page

Estimated Release: End of 2015

Fedora QA

  • Beaker Instance for Fedora

  • Goal: improved alignment between Fedora and Red Hat products

Next Items

  1. Production Enablement of Dynamic Provisioning in OpenStack

  2. PDC Integration

  3. Enforced Quota Management

Provisioning in OpenStack


  • basis for image based provisioning

  • basis for possible future feature of non-RPM based Linux provisioned hosts

Risks if not implemented:

  • decline in user acceptance

  • Under-utilisation of resources not used for hardware testing

PDC Integration


  • less user frustration due to incomplete and inaccurate metadata

  • less maintenance of additional distro library

  • less workarounds to be implemented for new features

  • basis to support layered products


  • accumulation of technical debt for workarounds and increased instability of delivering future features

  • duplication of data with PDC

  • high user frustration

Effort: high

Enforced Quota Management


  • additional control over a shared resource pool

  • prioritisation of limited resources

Risks if not implemented:

  • ongoing over-use of the hardware pool, impacting timeliness of other groups test results

Effort: high


Similar RFE top of our board:

[RFE] Allow system owners to cancel recipes running on their systems (BZ 1128557)


Beaker Roadmap (Full)

By Roman Joost

Beaker Roadmap (Full)

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