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WHY Haskell?

  • First Contact studying AI back in Uni

  • Tiling window managers: XMonad(.hs)

  • Difference of test code for C(GIMP) and Python projects

Main points



Configuration with HS code


Did not understand the language at all back in University

Type Safety

Good bye Tracebacks because types have changed.


  • Perl can be parsed by a Human but it's hard to understand

  • Haskell Once you Understand the Underlying concepts the language is very concise


Back to University

Learn you a Haskell

Quite mathematical and abstract

99 Haskell Problems

It's great to solve them, but ...

cis194 - fall14


All you need is a push

Take Aways from CIS

  • Excellent course which focused on practical examples

  • Got confused with Monads vs Monoids since the lecture first talked about IO

After The course

Applying is more difficult than theory

Happy Hacking: Xmobar


textToXMLDocument :: LT.Text -> Cursor
textToXMLDocument txt = fromDocument doc
    where Right doc = parseText def txt

What Not do to

No Alternative!

Compiler Warning? Error?

  • No Cabal, no -Wall

  • Compiled with Runhaskell to install only my plugin

Plugin works

Coursera - Algorithms II


  • Graph (by using Map)

  • Depth first search

Not so Easy

Breadth first search

-- | breadth first search
bfs :: Vertex -> Graph k a -> [Vertex]
bfs x = go [x] (Q.Queue [x][])
        where go vs (Q.Queue [] []) _ = vs
              go vs q g = go vs' q' g
                where (vs', q') = runState (bfsSearchChildren siftChildren vs g) q

-- | breadth first search helper
bfsSearchChildren :: ([Vertex] -> [Vertex] -> State (Q.Queue Vertex) [Vertex])
                     -> [Vertex]
                     -> Graph k a
                     -> State (Q.Queue Vertex) [Vertex]
bfsSearchChildren f vs g = state Q.deq >>= \x -> case x of
        Just y -> f (adjToList y g) vs
        Nothing -> return []

-- | Returns a new list of visited nodes, while having enqueued all
-- unvisited nodes.
siftChildren :: Eq a =>
                [a]                                -- children
                -> [a]                             -- visited nodes
                -> State (Q.Queue a) [a]      -- queue in state monad
siftChildren [] vs = return vs
siftChildren xs vs = do
    let unvisited = xs L.\\ vs
    mapM_ statefulEnq unvisited
    return $ vs `L.union` unvisited
    where statefulEnq x = void $ state (\q -> ((), Q.enq x q))

Future Ideas


Static Analysis of (Python-) Programs

Take Home Lessons

  • Theory vs. Applying Information

  • When you start to tinker you haven't broken the problem down ENOUGH.


Haskell - From Noob to Beginner

By Roman Joost

Haskell - From Noob to Beginner

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