Deploy MicroServices on OpenShift 3

with Red Hat Developer Studio



Fred Bricon

Principal Software Engineer


Eclipse Summit India 2016

let's meet

                               fred bricon


working on the JBoss Tools & Devstudio team since 2011

committer on m2e, m2e-wtp projects @Eclipse

currently working on OpenShift Tooling for Eclipse


What is it about?

Learn how to deploy and scale Docker-based microservices

  • on OpenShift Container Platform,
  • running on the Red Hat Container Development Kit,
  • using Red Hat Developer Studio

OpenShift Container Platform

Container development kit

  • Red Hat supported container development environment

    • based on upstream Atomic Development Bundle

    • Requires a 0$ subscription, free for Dev use

  • RHEL-based virtual machine, running with vagrant

    • runs OpenShift Container Platform

    • hosts a Docker registry

  • ​Install zip (vagrant file and plugins) and VM image from

Red Hat Developer Studio

  • Eclipse based distribution

  • Based on upstream JBoss Tools and Eclipse projects

  • focused on Java EE, Docker, Javascript, OpenShift tooling

  • Download from

Onto the demo

  • based on the HelloWorld MicroServices Architecture tutorial
    • over engineered hello world example
    • implementations use:
      • Vert.x
      • Node.js
      • WildFly Swarm
      • Spring Boot
  • focus on the tools, not the code, nor the architecture
  • demonstrate deployment and scaling capabilities


Resource Role
Project Kubernetes namespace++
ImageStream Monitor image deployments
Pod manages containers
Service Loadbalancer for pods
Route Entry point to a service (i.e. URL)

.... grossly oversimplified